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Suzuki Every Plus +,
Daihatsu Atrai 7 (Toyota Sparky)
Mitsubishi Town Box Wide

What owners appreciate in the most popular used compact vans and 1boxes with the right steering wheel from Japan

At four meters of length Suzuki Every Plus +, Daihatsu Atrai 7 (Toyota Sparky for the persons ready to pay more for the same) is comfortable for 7 person (in Mitsubishi Town Box Wide for 6).

Small radius of a turn. Hardly more than 4 meters. Convenience of a parking in Moscow. At dimensions of 6-th model of Zhigulis (most popular Russian car) this miracle of the Japanese engineers easily parks in places where the helicopter can park the 6-th model only.

Suzuki Every Plus +, Daihatsu Atrai 7, Toyota Sparky and Mitsubishi Town Box Wide easily squeeze between lines in a traffic of Moscow.

Mitsubishi Town Box Wide

The engine under the seats of the forward passenger and the driver allows to finish weights on axes of the car to 50 on 50. Considering it, in a combination with high, for operation of the car in the European part of Russia it is not required much more expensive and complicated 4x4. Simply on torn tires Suzuki Every Plus, Daihatsu Atrai 7, Toyota Sparky and Mitsubishi Town Box Wide easily passes places where starts to slip and sits down on belly Toyota Town Ace.
At repair the forward part of seats easily leans back, leaving full access to the engine, on convenience of access to similarly car with completely dismantled cowl.
Payment of the insurance pleases the owner. In Moscow, for example, it is 3000 rbl. for a year for Mitsubishi Town Box Wide, 3300 rbl. for a year on Suzuki Every Plus and 3500 rbl. for a year on Daihatsu Atrai 7 and Toyota Sparky.

Charges on refueling are minimal. Though it is rare car spends declared 6 l. for 100 km. The comparison with any of competitors-vans makes a choice obvious.

Five doors provide safety of an entrance and an exit of passengers. It is irreplaceable for family van in which they transport children.

1.3 liter engine and 1-liter comply with EURO 2 and with the Russian laws.

On the move the car is silent enough, as far as in general there can be a car with a luggage carrier in interior.

Suzuki Every Plus

The excellent AT provides an instant set of speed.

Customs payment, which owner of the car gives the state, twice lower, than for similar with 2 liter engine. Economy in one thousand dollars.

Prevalence Daihatsu Atrai 7, Suzuki Every Plus, Toyota Sparky and Mitsubishi Town Box Wide spreads every day so, availability of repair and spare parts every day all is better.

High seats and the excellent mirrors without dead zones reduce lacks of the right steering wheel to a minimum.

Two SRS and the special strengthened skeleton under a cowl and in doors, meets the Japanese standards of safety level with any other minivans.

Excellent ergonomics of a place of the driver, one or two conditioners, electro package make comfortable the most distant trip.

6-7 seats interior with a luggage carrier, sufficient for accommodation of a small cargo even at full loading by people, is easily transformed to a huge cargo compartment for transportation of a rather big refrigerator.

Photos by Moscow photography studio and that russian photographer.

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